Ed’s Copper Wellness Rods Testimonials

Testimonials (more coming soon!)

Here is what Rozlyn has to say about Wellness Rods (Updated 12-18-19). Watch to video here. (opens new tab)
“As someone who has suffered from severe life long allergies, I have probably tried just about every allergy remedy, both over the counter and prescription, that have come out over the last 60 years.

These allergies began in childhood and, especially in the case of “hay fever” the range of mild to severe usually fell into severe and pharmaceutical allergy remedies have had side effects with my body that are outside the normal range and pretty unpleasant.

As a youngster I lived on Benadryl, the top cure all of the 1950’s and 60’s.

As the years rolled by, I’ve taken massive doses of many of the cures of the day with varying results and side effects.

In March of 2018 we were told about using a copper rod inside our nose to clear and control allergies, colds, flu etc. by a friend who also is a severe allergy sufferer.

Ed decided to create one to help us both… the result is the “Copper Wellness Rod”.

I started using the copper rod twice a day when I brush my teeth. I use it for about 5 seconds in each nostril, gently rubbing all around the nasal cavity in a circular motion.

After about 10 days of using the copper rod twice a day, I was able to downgrade from adult strength Flonase to Children’s Flonase. I was thrilled since Flonase has several unpleasant side effects for me.

I continued using the copper wellness rod twice a day and after about 30 days, I was able to stop using Flonase altogether and I haven’t used Flonase or any nasal spray or allergy meds since then.

This is the first time in my life that I have been able to go for more than 2 to 3 months without some kind of allergy meds.

Using this small copper rod has been miraculous in my world and I just want to share this with everyone who suffers like I did.”

Testimonial from Steve and Darla Hanft

My wife and I had heard that copper was a natural anti-viral and so we were intrigued to discover the Wellness Rods.

We liked that it was such a simple device, easy to use, store and maintain. Unlike other over-the-counter remedies and prescription medication, the Wellness Rods goes right at the source of most common cold and flu viruses.

We simply started to use it anytime we knew we had been exposed to cold/flu virus or whenever those first warning symptoms appear (like that tickle/drip in the back of your throat).

Using it for a few days in a row has kept the onset of cold/flu virus from taking hold or at least shortened the cycle by several days.

This is one of the best, all-natural treatments to come along in our lifetime.