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Ed MoviusHello and welcome to Ed’s Copper Wellness Rods.

My name is Ed Movius and I make, package and ship the copper wellness rods that are for sale on this website.

Currently I also make Orgone Energy devices and have them for sale on my other website SacredIntuitiveElements.com.

Past History

I am a retired carpenter and building contractor from Big Bear City California. My construction business name was Ed Movius Construction.

I am also a retired semi-truck driver. I hauled a 53 foot refrigerated trailer for C.R. England based in Salt Lake City Utah, Interstate Distributor Company based in Tacoma Washington and drove a tanker truck locally for Power Fuels based in Watford City North Dakota.

How I came to make these things.

My close friend Steve H. told me about a copper device he saw in an advertisement. He described the device to me and said that you insert it into your nose and rubbed the walls of your nasal cavity with it and that would reduce your risk of illness. The conversation lasted about a minute.

Long story short, I was intrigued by the idea, made several wellness rods and gave one to Steve and my life partner Rozlyn Reynolds and sent a twin pak to each of Rozlyn’s adult children.

The device was named by my good friend Gina Covel and she also developed the original marketing information, and packaging. Over the last couple years, Gina has been a vendor at various shows like The New Living Expo in San Mateo, The Conscious Life Expo in Los Angeles.

Gina does about 12 shows a year where she sells her Crystalline Essence products along with the orgone devices and the wellness rods I make. The feedback we’ve received has been very positive and you can read a couple of those testimonials here. I will be posting more of them as they come in.

As I was in process of developing and streamlining the manufacturing process of making these simple devices, I kept getting intuitively that this device is going be a huge success because of its tremendous benefit, simple design and low cost.

I mulled over the pricing of these devices and decided to keep it as low as possible. I want to keep them very affordable and I encourage those people who can afford it to buy more than you need and gift them to your adult family members, friends, neighbors, and if you are a business owner, gift some to your employee’s too.

The benefit of doing this is three fold, 1) you feel good helping your people stay healthy by avoiding colds and flu, 2) it benefiting those folks who use the device and 3) I benefit with having some money to further streamline the manufacturing process and in turn be able to lower the cost even further.

As this process continues to unfold, I’m going to offer 2 tutorials that show you how to make these devices in detail. This should happen sometime February 2020.

That is the state of the art of Ed’s copper wellness rods as of January 30, 2020.

If you wish to contact me, please text (928) 202-8244 and I will text or call you back as soon as possible or send an email Ed@wellnessrods.com and I will typically get back to you the same day.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you buy lots of my copper wellness rods! Be well and stay well my friends!

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